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    How do you create a marketing plan for social media

    There are different methods used to get noticed in the digital media space.  The reasons for wanting to get noticed not only convert to more footfall but to increased potential customers and increased sales.

    The different methods used in creation of marketing plans for the digital space are: SEO, adwords which are known as PPC and also social media marketing.

    In order to create a social media marketing plan here are the steps: First of all you need to know that every reply, like or post should be not a random act but a part of a plan which has the business goal in mind. Therefore, before starting on the marketing plan – an example is boyeatsworld you need to know what your goals are, where the accounts are today, where you want them to be in the future and what tools you have as well as what you will need to make this social media marketing plan a success.

    The goals of this strategy should be such that you get a good return on your investment. You need to see what are the metrics that you will use in order to measure if this strategy is successful or not. For that you will need to focus on conversion rate, referrals, generation of leads and more.

    The goals should be smart which means that they should be specific and measurable, Attainable as well as relevant and they should be timebound.

    You should then perform an audit to see how your current media is performing, who is your audience, are they your target audience and how comparable are you with your competitors.

    Next you should optimize your profile so that it is more SEO friendly. You should cross promote on different accounts and optimize the network which your account is on, by filling in the profile, images as well as text.

    You need to then check as to what gives the most engagement. It could be done by checking other sites on the same platform. You can also see how you can portray yourself different to the others that are competing in your space. You can also rephrase the messages or change the content. You need to learn the likes, dislikes as well as habits of your target audience. That will help you connect better with them.

    You also need a content calendar which will list not only what kind of content has to be posted or promoted but also how often will the posting be done, who will create as well as how will it be promoted.

    Finally you would need to test your strategy, evaluate it, tweak it and adjust it so it meets with the objectives and goals that you have set out. One way is by asking for feedback, reading the comments and even in finding out from your off;line customers whether this had any part to play in the purchases they made. The online customers too should be asked similar questions. This is how you would go about creating a strategy.

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    6 tips for Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is a skill in itself and understanding the complete technology requires a lot of time but none has time these days for a lot of trial and error methods. Getting results quickly by keeping time as essence requires certain amount of in depth knowledge about a particular technology and so does digital marketing too. But, learning this concept in a short duration is certainly possible.

    It is important to understand the techniques of Digital Marketing before diving into it because digital marketing is vast and requires a little bit of time to comprehend the concepts before implementing it. Below are some of the tips to use Digital Marketing to grow a business rapidly.

    • Understand the platform

    There are a lot of platforms where business specific advertisements or campaigns can be run. One needs and to know that no every platform would be suitable for their business. Hence, understanding the right kind of channel to promote the business is quite essential.

    For instance, a few businesses would do well when promoted on Social Media and some o them may work really well by placing and ads physically. Since, it is a digital medium you need to understand, which particular Social Media Platform is suitable.

    • Incorporate Images

    Images and videos speak a lot and by adding meaningful images with the right kind of captions and alt text, there could be a considerable and increase in the business growth. Remember not to name the pictures in general but try to use descriptive nomenclatures and it could help to reach a lot of people.

    • Appropriate ads

    Ensure to create the right advertisements and do not repeat it to the customers more than once. If the ad keeps repeating every time a customer logs in to the website or his / her social media account, it may become annoying. Hence, once clicked it is mandatory to stop those ads being displayed on the users screen. This is one of the key techniques of Digital Marketing.

    • Research on the social media platform

    It is essential to research all kinds of Social media Platforms before investing on any of them. Understanding and reviewing every Social media platform for their suitability is very crucial and this gives a clear indication for the kind of ads that are required to be placed.

    • Content

    As we all know, content is the king hence, it makes a lot of sense to update the website the right kind of content and while promoting on any Social media platform it is good to check if the post is relatable to the trending hashtag or feed. Else, placing an ad or attracting the right kind of customers may become slightly tough.

    • SEO

    A website without proper Search engine Optimization would do no good in increasing the business. Hence, having the right website with great SEO is one of the major Digital marketing techniques as organic searches are likely to increase the business unlike any other mediums.


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    Benefits of Social Media Marketing

    A lot of strategies have to be implemented when it comes to online business and the concept of digital marketing is something that would help every website owner to turn their investments into profits. A lot of people these days have been making money through Social Media channels by using them effectively to their advantage.

    It is quite important to start a social media campaign to drive a lot of customers and make profit and since it is the current trend that is being followed, it would be great to know some of the advantages of Social Media Marketing.

    • Brand recognition

    When there is a social media campaign being run on the brand you own, the chances of people seeing it would be doubled when compared to anything else. Hence, recognizing a particular brand would become easier and also when the audience can connect to something that is being sold there could be a lot of possibilities of increasing the business as there would be a word of mouth marketing as well.

    • Budget friendly

    There are a lot of options to be chosen while placing an advertisement on any of the social media platforms. There is no need to fret about the cost and as there are a lot of choices available it becomes easier to plan for the budget and then start the campaign.

    Based on the plan, you would be able to increase the number of visitors on the website and also these people can become your customers as well. Hence, Social media marketing is not only effective but also highly budget-friendly.

    • Easy to run a campaign

    There is no need to set up a physical stall or run from pillar to post to promote an advertisement or market your business. All that has to be done is logging in to the right platform where you wish to promote your business and choose the right kind of details.

    Since, there is a budget that is already defined there is no need to spend extra time to figure out on the number of people that would be reached. All the details would be given and is available handy at your need and convenience.

    • Simple reports and analysis

    There is not much complexity involved when it comes to understanding the reports on the amount spent. Everything is available easily and just by a click. The analysis of the reports are also pretty simple and the same can be obtained from the platform where you choose to promote your business.

    Hence, there is no extra cost involved in getting a new reporting tool to analyze the effectiveness of a campaign.

    • Control on the audience

    Gaining control on the audience is very important when it comes to digital marketing and with the help of Social Media platform advertising, this can be achieved as there would be complete control on the kind of people you would want to target to your website and this may not be possible with traditional advertising.


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    Advantages of SEO

    First if all it is quite important to understand the concept of SEO for everyone who are keen on increasing their business through websites. There is a huge demand for e-commerce these days and especially with the boom of online business it is important, having a website for the business being run becomes essential.

    Having an amazing website in terms of design and content without good SEO would be of no use. Hence, let is quickly check some of the advantages of having SEO.

    • Increase in Traffic

    Conversion of leads into successful customers is the main focus of online business. This is definitely possible with the help of a good website which has SEO in place and the increase in the traffic would certainly be possible when your website is listed in the top search results.

    Having a search engine friendly website is very important to drive the right kind of audience through the search engines like Google and when the organic search on the website increases there could be a lot of profit seen in the business as well.

    • ROI

    Whenever there is an amount spent on something it is natural to look forward to get the returns as well and websites are no exception too. When a website with great SEO is done, there would certainly be an increase in the profit and you would be able to make a lot of profits from the business being run.

    SEO is pretty inexpensive in comparison to the normal ads and when the website would be appearing in the top search results, the credibility would also go high.

    • Competitors

    It is always great to understand the competitor’s mindset as well. It becomes important to know what your competitors are doing to improve their business and it would certainly not be a mistake to implement the same or improved one to grow your business.

    SEO has become one of the mandatory things for everyone who uses a website and sometimes it is necessary to understand and analyze the competitor website to improve your business.

    • Efficient results

    Results would become efficient and also unlike the paid ads, results from SEO are permanent and can also become efficient. Once there is a proper SEO done on the website, chances of it appearing on the top of search results would be higher resulting in a lot of clicks and views.

    • Credibility

    When a website is listed in the first page during the search, the credibility of it would certainly be increased and the brand value would also go high. It is the tendency of people to click on the first link that is shown during the search results and also it would give a boost for you to research more to make your website rank number one and convert leads into business.

    Well, having the right kind of SEO experts in an organization is as important as having anything else. When the SEO is in place everything else would automatically fall into its respective places.






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    Top reasons of why companies should invest in SEO

    Want to appear on the first page of Google search results? Then, you need to switch from traditional marketing to online marketing where your website is optimized using SEO techniques. There are many companies who are providing SEO services to the global audience. It is your sheer responsibility to find the best SEO experts who use latest digital marketing techniques to boost your brand reputation and online presence. Ideally, the business that has rich products and beautiful site cannot gain traffic due to lack of SEO strategies. To put your website on the top position of SERP results, you need to optimize the website with the keywords that are often searched by the audience while looking for the products or services similar to yours. No individual wants to view the third or fourth page of the search results instead they just skim through the websites that are offering the services or products the user is searching and buy from one of them.

    Combining PPC ad to regular SEO techniques will double your opportunity to win potential customers for your business. It is recommended to optimize the website while in the development phase to receive traffic from day one the site going live. Moreover, this SEO is done to the websites that is offering information to the users and search engines while giving the best experience for the users. It is not easy to put the site on the first page of the search engine results overnight. There need a constant efforts from the SEO experts to optimize the site and slowly push it to the first page of the search results.

    Few of the reasons of why companies should invest in SEO

    A perfect SEO strategy will make the pay per click (ppc) ad successful: The best SEO strategy is to do on-page and off-page optimization of the entire site. Before that, you need to create relevant content for the products and services of your business by embedding keywords. You need to target each page on the site with a unique keyword. By creating PPC ads aligning to the message you conveyed on the website will help you improve the performance of your pay per click ad.

    SEO gives access to vast market: Around 70% of searchers will just click on the results available on the first page of search results. If you do not have the right SEO strategy in place, then you would miss an opportunity to add loyal customers to your business.

    SEO boosts the power of other marketing efforts: With SEO, you can improve the effectiveness of PPC campaign and retargeting. When you optimize your website with SEO and use paid advertising method, then you can improve the traffic to your website by over 50%. In addition, when you use SEO in congestion with retargeting, it improves your brand image. You can create the PPC campaign by bidding for the keywords that are performing well in the organic searches.

    Improve offline conversion rate:  By adding your business details into the local business listing page by giving the business name, hours of operation, address and map to reach the place, let the local people to visit your store, thus increasing in the football to your website.

    Summary: No individual wants to view the third or fourth page of the search results instead they just skim through the websites that are offering the services or products the user is searching and buy from one of them, so it is crucial for you to invest in SEO.

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    Benefits one can reap by embracing social media marketing for your business

    Social media is a cost-effective and powerful marketing platform that is used by many businesses to gain new customers to their business and improve sales. Undeniably, a day is incomplete for the people without logging into their social media accounts. In fact, many people will spend their time on social media. This is the best platform where the business can find their potential audience. It is crucial for every business to create a page on different social media sites to get closer to the audience and understand what they are looking in a product/service. Whatever you post on social media page will go viral in a matter of few minutes, if the content is interesting and is useful for the audience. You need to leverage your brand on social media to add new customers to your customer base.

    Few of the benefits one can reap by embracing social media marketing include

    Strengthen brand reputation: The customer will like to learn about the brands that are creating waves on social media. Once the customers are aware of your brand, you can push them into the sales funnel and motivate them to make purchases. Social media is standing as the ideal place for the businesses to improve their brand awareness in a short time span. You do not need to have accounts in all social media platforms rather create an account on the platform where majority of your target audience are. To engage them, you need to post about your product information, latest news about your brand, and share newsletters.

    Boost brand authenticity: A brand that is not on social media will lose potential customers to their business. Irrespective of your company or the product you are selling, you would have a few customers who would be searching for your brand on social media. It is paramount for you to stay on social media to route social media traffic to your website.

    Engage with the audience round the clock: When you keep sharing information related to your brand or products, it gives an opportunity for the potential audience to engage with your brand. The customers may give suggestions which you can take into account to improvise your product. You do not need to keep your store open all the time or activate the live chatting hours round the clock. When you have social media account, your brand is active for 24/7 hours.

    Get personal information of users with ease: Social media has treasure troves of personal information. You can know the audience demographics like which age group people are visiting your page and who like your products. This helps you to create a social media ad showing only to those target audience rather than showing up to all the people.

    Gain inbound traffic: Social media is the best way to link back to your website. When audience clicks on the link of your website on social media, they are redirected to your official web page, thus sending a social media signal to Google. The website getting huge traffic through social media will improve the ranking of website on Search engine results.

    Summary: Social media platform can be used by all the businesses irrespective of size to gain traffic to their websites. In fact, many businesses get customers through social media.

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    3 Elements to keep in mind while optimizing PPC campaign

    Have you starting your business recently and would you like to gain huge traffic in a short span? Then, you need to create PPC ads through Google Adwords. This is a paid advertisement that helps the businesses to gain qualified traffic to their website. However, the businesses need to invest a little amount to create these ads and showcase them on the paid search results page. There are many Ad words experts who will create ads by embedding right keywords. You need to hire experts to get this job done. This is the cost-effective and quick way to improve traffic to your website and thereby sales. The well-executed PPC campaign will increase your conversion rate and thereby revenue. However, you need to pay money to Google Adwrods that a user clicks on your ad.

    Few of the elements you need to keep in mind while optimizing the PPC campaign. These elements will help you make huge money.

    Develop your landing page that is relevant: The main aim of PPC campaign is to compel the audience to take a desired action after going through your product or service information. The successful ad will only let qualified audience to land on your landing page. It is the responsibility of your landing page to turn a prospective audience into a potential customer. You need to create the landing page that is on the similar lines of what you are conveying in the ad. By adding the similar keywords that you have used in ad copy on your landing page will improve click through rate and reduce cost per click. You need to add intriguing content, videos, customer testimonials and call-to-action buttons on the landing page to make it engaging for the visitors. You need to say the same thing that you told in the ad on your landing page. It is crucial for you to create engaging ads that will let your target audience understand what you are trying to convey, thus driving in more conversions.

    Optimize negative keywords: The brilliant way to improve the integrity of PPC campaign is to optimize the ad for negative keywords. Adwords will let you know which keywords are not suitable for your product and service. This helps you to avoid showing the ads on the keywords that are not irrelevant to your products. This saves a lot of your money invested. For instance, if you are giving apartment for rent only to the students not to the families, then you need to exclude family and cheap keywords to avoid unwanted traffic to click on the ads. It is crucial for you to well inform Google about what your product or service is not about same as how you inform what your product is about.

    Provide information about ad content: You need to add the landing page URL while filling the information for creating a PPC ad. You need to add two headlines, where one headline is about your brand and the other one is describe about the product or service which you are promoting. You need to give path1 and path 2 where you need to put the location where you can find this product or service. In the description section, add clear description.

    Summary: These elements to be kept in mind while optimizing the PPC campaign. Doing this helps you to improve site traffic and get high returns for your investment.

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    6 Tips to embrace by an SEO expert to optimize the website

    Want to rank your website on the first page of Google results or other renowned search engines? Then, you need to follow SEO strategies. If you are unaware of SEO, you need to hire experts to get this work done for you. The SEO people will keep a close eye on the changing Google algorithms and implement the same on your site to retain the site ranking forever besides helping you stay ahead of the competitors’ website.

    Here are a few tips that are embraced by the SEO experts to optimize the website

    • Add page titles and description: This is one of the Google ranking factors that are checked by Google to rank a website. Every page on the website should have a unique page title that will convey about the content on the page. You need to write a concise description about the page to let the search engine understand about the page while crawling. Moreover, this page title will also let the users to understand what the page is about before clicking on it. The user who is looking for the same content will click on the page and go through the content. The description of the page should not go beyond 150 characters. You should not cram the description with too many keywords rather use primary keyword.
    • Permanent link structure: This link structure defines the format of the page URL. You can see what the page about in the address bar of the browser. You need to prepare URLs that are easy for both search engines and users to understand. You need to separate each world by hyphen. You should not stuff keywords in the URL rather use primary or secondary keyword that conveys about the page.
    • Breadcrumb: You need to insert breadcrumb on the internal web pages to let the user know where they are navigating through.
    • Internal links: You need to insert hyperlinks to the keywords clicking on which the user is directed to another internal page. This lets the user to completely explore about your business and also let the search engines to crawl throughout your website every time when it sniffs a new piece of content on your site.
    • Use Header tags (H1, H2 and H3): You need to do proper formatting of the content prior to publishing it on the website. You need to give Heading 1 to the title of the page and give Heading 2 to the main headings of your blog or website post. You can use the headings by applying bold or italics to pull the eyes of the audience towards the content. You need to keep the font and font size that do not strain the eyes of the audience to read the post.
    • Page speed: Page speed is a ranking factor which many web masters ignore. The website that has less page loading time will have fewer bounce rates over the sites that have high page loading time. When the page loads in a jiffy, it lets the audience to read what they are looking for in the page. Ideally, the webpage should load within 4 seconds to improve user experience and get more visits for each page on your website.

    Summary: When you hire experts, these people will dedicatedly work to improve the site ranking while helping you get a sea of traffic to the site and thereby sales. These people only use white hat techniques to optimize the website.

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    4 Benefits one can reap by doing SEO

    Have your website gone live in the recent times, but aren’t you getting enough traffic that you expected? Do not know what is problem? Then, you should definitely hire an SEO expert to find out the strengths and weakness by doing a thorough SEO audit of your website. Ideally, a beautiful designed website having a highly featured product is not enough to reach the global audience, but the site has to be optimized using SEO techniques to reach the target audience in every nook and cranny of the world. The SEO expert will embed the right keywords related to your industry and that are mostly searched by the audience while looking for your product or service similar to the ones you are offering.

    Here are a few benefits one can reap by embracing SEO

    • Improve traffic: If you attain the top position in the Google ranking, your website would definitely get score of traffic to the site. The website visitors landing on your website may take a desired action, thus letting you get a sale. The SEO expert will incorporate the right keywords in the website content, Meta descriptions and page title to make your website rank better in SERP results. If your website has optimized Meta tags and descriptions, then it boost the click through rate of your site besides letting you get qualified traffic, which is paramount for every website.
    • ROI: SEO will help you to track the performance of your website by having an account on Google Analytics. This is the best way to gauge how best your SEO efforts are paying back. Using this analytical tool, SEO agencies and experts can easily track the traffic that each page of your website is received, bounce rates, page views and from which page your prospective audience is getting converted into your potential clients. The ecommerce site can view the number of customers who have completed sales while non-ecommerce sites can view the number of visitors who have filled the contact us form.
    • Cost-effective: Undoubtedly, SEO is the powerful and cost-effective marketing tool embraced by small to bigwigs to add new customers into their customer database. These SEO techniques will save money that you invest in cold calling the customers and ask their interest in buying your product. SEO will target the audience who are searching for your products and services rather than on all the audience who do not need your product. Moreover, the traffic that you get through SEO is qualified compared to the other marketing strategies.
    • Maximize your online visibility: By applying the right SEO tactics, your website will be visible to the people searching for you. When a user searches with the keyword phrase or term that is in your content, then your website appears on search engine results on the top page. The user clicking on the page will land on your site. If the user likes your products, then they make immediate purchases.

    Summary: You will reap the above mentioned benefits. In addition, the expert SEO people will improve the site ranking to the first page of search results rather than putting you in the 10 or 11th page of the search engine where the audience will never visit.

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    PPC and Google AdWords for Online Marketing Strategy


    As you know the digital marketing is taken over by the traditional marketing over the years. If you are not aware how digital marketing works, then you are probably doing your business a decade away. If you want to succeed in your business using digital marketing, especially PPC strategies and Google AdWords will allow you to connect to new or existing customers, and create a digital marketing strategy that works for your business.


    Rough Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    Pay-Per-Click also referred as PPC is an internet advertising model where the promoters pay their target audience only when their ad is clicked and is done with search engine advertising. When you are newbie to a business, there are plenty of operations to be carried out like preparing documents, creating presentations, customer relationships, social networking and much more .This will not happen in days or weeks rather it takes time and involves solid finance. This is not a happening situation for most individuals instead you can sell your proficiency to an already founded business through a concept called PPC. Statistics reveal that PPC marketing managers with real time experience earn a good figures.


    Why you need a PPC Professional?

    Searching through keyword not an easy job

    Meta descriptions and compelling tag details is more crucial in determining a website. Improper keywords will yield poor revenues and diminish your finance as well. Hence PPC specialists having in-depth knowledge on the process can help your business by making ruthless analysis on the keywords and determine which keywords can generate best results. Moreover you can reach the potential customer on the right time.

    Maintaining a perfect strategy is important in business campaign

    Building a strategy with deliverable results is the key to a business success. The PPC specialists having plenty of experience develop a smart approach to yield best possible results. A well-defined approach establish better deliverables.


    How PPC will benefit your business marketing strategies?

    The most common platforms used in PPC marketing are Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Business have started utilizing opportunities of AdWords and PPC campaigns to reach novel customers for the expansion of their business and maximizing the profits.

    • Getting Instant Outcomes – Business look for outcomes at a faster pace. PPC helps you to reach the new customers irrespective of the platform you use. In addition Google AdWords acts as a gateway to massive customers using google and make them aware about your website thereby driving traffic and achieving the target in the rapid manner


    • SEO is standard technique of indexing your websites through search engines using internal algorithms but when you have make productive campaign through PPC, you no longer bother about the indexing concepts.



    PPC and Google AdWords are the basic way of streamlining the potential customer. The theory is easy to understand and implement since most of the business are drifting towards digital marketing. PPC experts optimize your campaigns to bring out the best marketing strategy.  Doing business with the right tools with perfect marketing strategy will definitely generate best outcomes and at a faster rate.

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    SEO providing business visibility, beneficial for business

    In the earlier years when an organization or business or people want to be in the spotlight they place an ad in the magazines or news pages, make commercial flyers or billboards and display themselves in the huge market but things have changed now after the innovation of search engines like yahoo, Google and Bing. Many companies fighting hard to make them to be on the top of the search results through a process called Search Engine Optimization.

    What is Search Engine Optimization and how does it work?

    There are millions of websites available in the internet today and most of them have started relying on search engines to browse the desired pages, the SEO techniques increases the traffic successfully and make your website more visible to the people.

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization a nomenclature used to make sure visibility of your website with non-paid search engine results. SEO is an umbrella term for technical and creative contents that is needed to drive traffic and improve search engine rankings. For example if you have an editorial piece about the basics of PPC, and when a user surf for PPC, you can use the SEO technique to make your article ranking on the first page of the search engine thus increasing your webpage visibility.

    Why does a business need Search Engine Optimization?

    Although there are multiple search engines available, vast percentage of people generally uses google to look for the relevant information, furthermore people are bothered to look only on the first page of the search results therefore companies pay google to drive traffic and index your site quickly and easily. Search engines are road ways to make it feasible.  Hence search engine optimization is an ideal way to get consistent traffic to your website and an essential tool for business promotions and you can make a shit load of money.

    Role of Search Engines in Online Marketing

    • Search engine fetch results based on the quality of the content, that is the articles which has more useful and beneficial content
    • Depends of the site speed, how fast the site is loaded to load the content and how easy it is navigable to its relevant sites. When the site has longer loading time, then search engine can crawl only for a few pages and this will certainly affect the ranking
    • The sites that are more compatible with all types of devices. When your websites works on cross-platform, it becomes easier for the searcher’s to explore effectively
    • Meta description and title tags for accurate and short explanation of the webpage content that is more compelling and is one of the important ranking criteria.

    Summing it up

    Search engines are guiding force to drive results based on relevancy using internal algorithms for a user search from a basic query to a more complex requests. SEO is a simple activity for improving the indexation of the website with the help of search engines thus maximizing your profits in a cost-effective method. Hence it is widely accepted as online marketing strategy for business and organizations.


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    Purpose of Social Media and how it can benefit your business

    Business promotions are no longer effective when it is campaigned through newspapers or television channels. People don’t follow newspapers for campaigns or offers and similarly most people skip ads when promoted through TV because the customer has started moving to the cyber world. When it comes to social media like Twitter or Facebook, people keep visiting many times a day. They are one of the fast growing, making a revolution in the digital world.

    What is Social Media?

    Social Media is an online communication channel for interaction between family, friends and associates by sharing information. One of the obvious example of social media is face book a fast growing segment comprising of million and billions of followers posting pictures and videos and updating information to keep in touch with their closed ones.

    Internet has brought over 40 million people online and major population of people worldwide have started using social networking to communicate to each other and majority of people believe customer feedbacks and suggestions when it comes to shopping. They find their opinion much powerful in making decisions. Hence social media marketing is a dynamic weapon benefitting the business promotions

    Social Media Marketing for Business Benefits

    Social media is a cost-effective process and has an open option to communicate to clients and business associates without third-party interference.

    • Social media serves as a platform to drive traffic by indexing, local giants to small locally owned business with the help of search engine optimization because search engines know which pages are earning consistent traffic. By ranking your site higher in search results, you can increase your brand awareness  and gain customer royalty
    • Advertising through social networking sites reaches people more comprehensively, faster and stretch an extra mile than the traditional medium of approach. Besides they are less expensive and trim down pressure on funding used in marketing.
    • Social media provides you perceptions about the customers’ opinions about the product. Because with the traditional media, the retailer focus more on what is important about the product rather how the customer will be beneficial with the product. However with social media you can engage the target audience and gain insight about the product which is apparently more interactive.

    What is RSS feed, how it is used and why it is important in social media?

    RSS is considered as a secret tool in social media monitoring. It is a process of retaining favourite blogs, pages and getting consistent updates about them and you can boost your social media with RSS feed. Thereby, you can watch out what your competitors are up to, after the changes, filtering the more specific information and keeping track of the leads.

    Summing it up

    Social Media is the huge revolution in the marketing for many small and large-scale industries. Virtual marketing uses system like SEO, link building as marketing strategies. Targeting the audience worldwide can promote awareness about the brands and products thereby increasing the sales by a larger margin. Customer opinion is an important aspect for any business and this can be achieved mainly through social media.


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    All you need to know about social media marketing

    Social media marketing is another term for making use of social media in order to promote services or products. The different social media platforms usually have analytics tools which are inbuilt and they allow for easy tracking of the progress as well as to check the engagement of the campaign and to track the success or failure of the campaign.

    There are various stakeholders which can be addressed using this type of marketing. One is able to connect with not only current customers but with potential customers as well, current as well as potential people who would look for employment with the company, bloggers, journalists and the public at large as well. This strategy is all-inclusive and it even consists of managing marketing campaigns, governing the campaign as well as setting what the scope of the campaign needs to be. The culture and tone which the establishment wishes to portray is part of this strategy as well.

    If this needs to be effective, the customers and users should be encouraged to post their comments as well as the reviews of the product. The general public based on how well they like or connect with the sentiments which are put by the organization can either repost or retweet or even write about their feelings in the comment sections. When the message is repeated, more people that are connected with the user are able to see what the message is and that increases the reach of campaign. This in turn brings more traffic to the site. This directly has an impact on the potential sales as well.

    Social networking sites add information of services and products to the consumers  and this is done using analysis technologies using semantics. The buying signals are detected and based on the content shared or the questions posted, these details are picked up.

    In order to add these social sites to strategies, there are different models which are created by organizations. These include selecting of the network which needs to be targeted, the financial plans which need to be set out, the modification of the organizational structures and selecting of target markets. The performance is then evaluated using various analytic tools.

    There are two kinds of strategies used. The first is the passive approach where the reviews and recommendations are shared by content communities, blogs as well as forums. This is inexpensive to run.

    The active approach uses and targets specific audiences which are influencers on social media using customer engagement tools. These place ads during broadcast of sports games if they are targeting sports fans. Or else tools such as Google Adsense is used and this targets ads based on the demographics. Keywords are also looked at and only that target of the population is shown the ads. This is done by checking the history of the person, the interests, the buying habits, the kind of content which the person either researches or searches for and other such criteria.

    Thus social media marketing is powerful tool used in today’s world.

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    How Facebook messenger can be used more effectively

    There are several ways in which marketing is done in the digital world. The most common methods are SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. In addition to it however, there are other means that help with marketing in the digital world. There are PPC which stands for pay per click or using of adwords.  These types help to attract people who search the web to be directed to your website.

    In addition to those that go on organic search engines in order to find your website, there is another way of pushing people to the website and increasing footfall and that is by making good use of social media marketing.

    One of the social media sites is facebook messenger. Infact there are around 1.3 billion people who use this monthly. This therefore is a very powerful tool in order to advertise your product and increase the sales or conversion rates. The ways of using this site as a marketing tool is by sending out posts of blogs through messenger and then both engaging with as well as helping the customers on the platform as well.

    In order to create a strategy from the start, here is how you will go about it.

    1. Instead of emailing your content to the readers, you can ask them if they would prefer to get it using facebook messenger. In order to use this more effectively you can make use of a chatbot newsletter.
    2. You can also help those that are your followers with finding the content which is most relevant to them or their search. This again uses chatbots and the users are guided to find those articles which are most interesting to them or which they would like to read. Something to be cognizant of is that the chatbot should be geared to helping the customers and not focus primarily on selling. Your site should also be mobile responsive and you should also inform your customers how they will be able to contact you. You can also include use of browsing menus.
    3. You should encourage and engage the participants like sending out reminders which have links and this can be then added to their calendar apps. The day’s talks can be updated and the link can be sent to them and then post the event you could ask for feedback.
    4. Using Facebook messenger you can even get good quality leads for sale. There are chatbots which can be used which ask questions. The customers can also have the option of speaking to a real person if they so want to.
    5. When you do have customers and potential customers, you should re-engage with them so as to spark their interest again. You can do it using sponsored messages or you can have click to the messenger ads which are there.

    One golden rule for this is that you need to provide timely support to your customers. If the reply is not speedy enough, customers will choose the competitors.

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    Getting SEO Keywords to work for you

    In order to get noticed in the digital words, there are several marketing strategies that are followed. These strategies relate to organic searches, social media as well as PPC which stands for Pay per click or which is also referred to as adwords.

    The heart of SEO are the keywords used. These are phrases and words which when used allow the search engines to find the website. When the site is optimized, the potential base of visitors is increased. Therefore, the most important part of digital marketing for Search Engine Optimization is finding out a list of keywords.

    How do you find the best Keywords

    The best keywords are found by doing extensive research multiple times.

    The keyword list needs to be constantly updated and expanded

    The keywords that are very popular should not be targeted as there is a lot of competition for them. Instead these should be changed with phrases that are more specific and longer. This will get the right target audience to the site.

    When it comes to keywords diversity is needed. There should be different and new tools for searching keywords, this should also be further strengthened by more research based on experiments conducted.

    There should also be actionable, structured data which is ready to use for campaigns. This helps you to get niches which can be targeted.

    The keywords should be broken up into related keyword groups and this allows you to create and target specific pages. This requires a lot of effort and time if it is manually done and therefore, it needs to be accomplished using tools specifically designed for the purpose.

    How do you assess the value of the keyword

    In order to assess the value of the keyword in relevance to your website, you need to evaluate as to whether the searchers will find what they are searching for when they go to your site. If they will not, then it will result in traffic however it will not materialize into financial rewards for you.

    You also need to see which websites are already ranked for the keywords which you intend for your site. This will show you who your competition is and how easy or difficult it will be to rank your site in the long run or for the time period you have allocated for yourself. You also need to see how many advertisements or PPC are running both at the top and at the right side of the results pages.

    In order to assess how valuable the word is you should buy the keyword  from either Bing AdCenter or from Google Adwords. This will help you to test how well the word is generating traffic and conversions. The rate of conversions should be ideally rated over atleast 200-300 clicks.

    Based on the data which is collected, the value of each of the keywords can be then determined. This can then be used as the base for your campaign.

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    What is the difference between SEO and AdWords

    The world as we know it is getting increasingly digital. It is no longer enough just to have a physical presence. One needs to have a digital footprint which is as strong or even stronger than the physical one. In order to strengthen the digital footprint, there are a number of strategies used. The most common are Search Engine Optimization and the other are adwords. In addition to this there are other strategies and terms used such as Pay per click or even marketing using social media.

    Before we go further, let us understand these concepts in depth.

    What is SEO?

    The Search Engine Optimization is a form of digital marketing. In this method, the content on your website is made relevant to various search engines and therefore you are then ranked higher when searches are conducted. The way this Search Engine Optimization functions is that the links, content, keywords as well as other aspects are optimized. This allows your site to be in the primary spot when it comes to Search Engine Results Pages and this in turn helps you to get more traffic to the site. When there is more traffic and footfall, it translates to more visitors who are turned into potential customers in the present or in the future.

    What are Adwords

    Google allows you to create and position your advertisements on the top or on the right side when the results are being displayed either on Google or on other affiliated websites when searches are conducted. In this way, the internet users who are putting in the keywords or the search queries are shown your advertisement each and every time they search for similar products. When they click on your advertisement, then they are taken to your website.

    Another term for Adwords is also PPC which stands for Pay Per Click because everytime the advertisement is clicked, you need to pay.

    Difference between SEO and Adwords

    There is more time needed to be invested in case of SEO but then it translates to higher ranks in the search engines. There is no charge which is initiated when the page is clicked as a result of an organic search. However, this entails a constant ongoing effort to ensure the rankings are sustained.

    Adwords on the other hand can easily be switched off or on at will. This ensures that the page is always displayed when there is a search but it does not guarantee your position when organic searches are conducted.These also allow you to easily and swiftly respond to changing marketplaces or targeting new terms.

    These advertisements are shown on top and so the user does not need to scroll down – this is a huge plus point as most users do not scroll much but click what is seen on the screen right at the top.

    You can even use negative keywords and various variants when it comes to advertising.

    At the end of it all, if both these marketing strategies are used in conjunction they yield the most goodness.

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