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    What is the best warehouse inventory management software to use?

    As it is so important to always stay to-to-date with the latest technology, there are many businesses out there that are wondering what the best warehouse inventory management software is to use. As warehouse inventory management software controls the majority of day-to-day operations in a factory, it is imperative to use a program that is free from glitches, that is fast to use, and that is user-friendly. But with so many different types of warehouse inventory management software out there, many business owners struggle when it comes time to decide on which one to purchase for their company.

    They don’t want to spend the big dollars only to find that they are not happy with the program down the track. Furthermore, companies who use these types of programs are usually taking care of stock for other companies. This means that they have to be on top of everything at all times, otherwise their clients won’t be happy with their services.

    This can lead to the loss of clients and a negative brand awareness can begin to build. On the other hand, when a fantastic program is utilised, clients will be happy when they are able to easily keep track of their products on their end, and a more positive brand awareness will naturally grow. Because of this, it is imperative to find the best warehouse inventory management software to use.

    Where to start when looking for the best warehouse inventory management software

    There are a wide variety of programs out there that many businesses are happy with and that have many positive reviews. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the program will be right for every single type of company. Some businesses will need different functions than others, so it is first important to decide on what is needed in a warehouse inventory management software before beginning the search. For example, some organisations will need barcode scanning capabilities whereas another will not.

    The ones that do need this as a function can easily rule out the programs that do not offer this, making the search a little easier for them. Similarly, a large business will need to find a program that can cater to their size. This will again, rule out any programs that are only designed to take care of small organisations. As it can be seen, deciding upon what is needed before beginning the search for the best warehouse inventory management software can save a lot of time, money, and energy down the track.

    Perform thorough research online and then make a short-list

    There are many websites out there that are completed dedicated to reviewing warehouse inventory management software. They will have a list of the key features, the pros and cons, the prices, and well as any other information that they may deem relevant. Furthermore, they will mention what types of industries are best suited for each program type.

    Putting aside time to thoroughly go through this information online can be a great way to not only compare different offerings but to become more educated on the topic as a whole. From there, business owners are able to compile a short-list of the ones that they think are right for them. They can then begin calling each option and discussing prices and if they will offer a trial. Having the ability to trial any software first is imperative as this is the only way to truly get an idea of what the functionality is going to be like. Following all of these steps will make it more likely that the best warehouse inventory management software is found.

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    How to make your workplace more productive

    Plenty of business leaders all face the same problem eventually; how do you improve the productivity of your workplace? While the specific actions you take will be different from industry to industry, there are some general rules for keeping people alert, motivated and working optimally.

    Let’s take a look at some ways to make your workplace more productive.

    Maintain a comfortable workplace

    Hundreds of studies have proven that worker productivity is directly tied to their level of comfort in the workplace. This means everything from the chair they sit in to the temperature of the room have subtle effects on how well they do their jobs.

    If the workplace is too hot or too cold then you need to invest in a thermostat or some other system to better control the temperature. Office workers should have ergonomically sound chairs and be taught proper posture so that they don’t strain their necks or backs while working.

    A comfortable workplace is the responsibility of leaders and junior employees as well.

    Delegate responsibility clearly

    One of the biggest factors in poor productivity is because there is a poor workflow or chain of command. Employees need to be clear on who they report to, what they are doing and who (if anyone) reports to them.

    When different teams are confused on who is supervising them, what is expected or what they need to change then a great deal of time is wasted just trying to communicate instructions. Your business workflow should be easy for even the newest employees to grasp so that everyone is always on the same page.

    Encourage people to perform

    Workers need positive feedback and encouragement to carry on at optimal levels, especially if they haven’t had an opportunity to advance their careers via promotion. While most workers won’t ask for positive feedback directly, they are subconsciously expecting it when they take initiative or go above and beyond expectations.

    Productive behaviour needs to be rewarded in order to encourage others to step up their game. While you don’t need to create a juvenile star chart, you can easily track and reward the work of employees in many ways that don’t seem forced or cheesy.

    Acts as simple as buying a drink for an employee who did good work that week or offering a coupon to the most productive person goes a long way in promoting positive work habits in your employees.

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    How to interview candidates for a job

    We all know the dread of trying to impress in an interview, but it can also be just as daunting being on the other side of the equation. Interviewing people is a skill that will come naturally with time but people who are new to it may be worried about appearing unauthoritative, unprofessional or unlikeable.

    Therefore it’s only natural that those conducting interviews have a plan in their head of how they will go about it. Most people will find once they get started, the process is actually quite easy and straightforward.

    Let’s take a look at how to interview candidates for a job.

    Prepare your questions

    The most important aspect of preparing to interview someone is the questions you are going to ask them. These are the questions that are deliberately constructed to gauge the suitability of the candidate for the position.

    Some questions are more direct while others are more subtle in the information they seek to gather. For example; asking a candidate about their greatest weaknesses is actually about ascertaining their honesty and humility, not because you are concerned they have a fatal flaw that makes them unemployable.

    However a question relating to specific work experience is directly seeking to determine how proficient they will be in the role. This is where the best candidates will elaborate on how they performed their previous roles.

    Good candidates will have predicted the general questions you are going to ask them about the role and should be prepared to give you the answers you seek. Every question is relevant, so they should be prepared to answer all of them honestly.

    Make them feel comfortable

    Most people are inherently nervous when going for a job interview, especially if they are applying for an entry level role and don’t have much experience. Part of your job is to make them feel relaxed so that they can answer your questions honestly.

    Make sure you’re always courteous and prompt with how you greet them. Most candidates will follow the unspoken rule of showing up 10 – 15 minutes prior to their interview, so prepare for that.

    It’s ideal to have a separate meeting room or office where you can conduct the interview out of sight of other workers. The hustle and bustle of your workplace can be distracting so you won’t want to conduct an interview while everyone is running around.

    Make your choice

    Obviously the final part of interviewing people is deciding who to give a job to. The person you choose should have satisfied your criteria for the role as well as be a likeable person you think you will be able to work with.

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    The biggest marketing mistakes that businesses make

    Marketing, like any other profession, can be made easier or harder by the expertise that informs crucial decisions. Businesses that misunderstand or are ignorant of proper marketing strategies end up wasting time and resources pursuing entirely wasteful marketing endeavours.

    This could be because they were duped by a unethical marketing practitioner who made lofty promises of a return on investment or because they underestimated the amount of careful research and planning that goes into effective marketing. Either way, it’s prudent for business owners to wise up to the basics of marketing and the big mistakes that they should be avoiding.

    Let’s take a look at the biggest marketing mistakes businesses still make.


    One of the most common mistakes businesses make with regards to marketing is grossly underestimating the cost required to do at a commercial level. Anyone can make some flyers with the printer at the library, but real commercial scale marketing that will reach you target audience requires a significant investment.

    This mistake is common because there are many old-fashioned business owners who haven’t caught up with modern trends, especially in digital marketing. These executive dinosaurs will often dismiss marketing on social media and other platforms because they don’t understand it or don’t believe it should cost them as much as it does.

    This explains why we see so many companies throw piecemeal amounts of their budget towards marketing that may as well be non-existent.  Unless you understand and agree with the value of marketing then you can’t justify any serious investment.

    Not researching their target audience

    While most business people have a rudimentary understanding of marketing fundamentals like targeting audiences with specific messages, they have little idea how to research these audiences and develop said messages. This is why marketing experts have tertiary educations in the theories and process behind researching target audiences and developing brand messages for them.

    If you don’t have strong target audience research to inform the rest of your marketing strategy then you’re essentially running blind.  For example, simply knowing that you’re target audience are young people is pretty vague and fails to explore the in-depth reasons someone might buy your product.

    Not having uniform branding

    A big mistake plenty of smaller business make is that their branding, logos and aesthetic elements of their business are all over the place. Many businesses will have a Frankenstein of flashy colours and fonts that look ugly from a contemporary perspective.

    To avoid making these mistakes business owners should seek out a reputable marketing firm that work on your behalf.

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    China’s wine distribution, and import, export practices.

    China is no doubt one of the biggest, and most successful in the industrial revolution, they have more than enough billion dollar companies in Asia alone, not to mention being a global trade leader. They have had their hands in everything from toys, to weapons trade, to clothing, so why shouldn’t the winery’s be any different. China has cornered the market on the winery industry, buying out vineyards owning more than half the worlds tasty wine grapes that we enjoy all around the world. There are several companies who provide wine delivery China services in the domestic and overseas market.

    They have many companies that they over see who distributes most of the worlds most expensive, and well known alcoholic beverage. Here are their top ten largest industries. Pretty impressive isn’t it.

    1. S.C fine wines: They distribute over 1,200 wines, from over 100 wineries, in 16 countries, this China’s top importer, according to figures released by China’s executives, in 2017 China’s wine imports for 2016 was a whopping 638 million liters of wine. In 2017 China had a 15% increase in sales, bringing in $2.194 billion dollars, making them the #1 wine distributors worldwide. To think I thought that the Unites States was on top.
    2. Chong Yu foods: Purchased two wineries in 2016 in France, and in 2017 they bought Marques Del Altrio in Spain, and that’s how China became the largest Spanish wine distribution company worldwide.
    3. Yang Chang foods: Famous for distributing soy sauce brand, Jaminy Chai, well guess what now they import large amounts of Blue Nun, Sylvester, along with many other low end brand names.
    4. Waji.com: Sells wine from 200 wineries in France, Italy, and Germany, along with merchants in China.
    5. Yangzhou Perfect: Operates 5,000 outlets of consumer health food companies, “Akana wines” from Chile.
    6. Panati: imports wine from Spain, and the Mediterranean areas, Bordeaux, Australia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and the United States. The whole time I thought we supplied our own wine, I bet your just as surprised as me.
    7. Ten wow: distributes Chivas, Hennessey, Martell, and California’s very own and well known“ Carlo Rossi.”
    8. Summer Jinyu: Handles Australian liquor most popular brands such as, Penfolds, and Walt Bassano other well known brands
    9. Jinyu (White Heart Castle): operates online, and sells company owned wines imported directly from Spain, Italy, and France.
    10. Torre’s China: This distributor has expanded in China to eight major new cities, since 2016 selling 400 wines from 14 different countries, big brands like Henschke, and Opus.

    China has mad a big industry, from the wine business, and it has made them very successful over the past few years. According to sources China shared 2017 China’s wine import status of 2016 was 638 million liters of wine. In 2017 China had a 15 % increase bringing in 2.194 billion dollars making China the number one wine distributors world wide. It’s no wonder why China is a global marketing genius, and I am anxious to hear more from the land of the rising sun.



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  • Guest Blogging – Types and Sites to Post

    Guest Blogging – Types and Sites to Post

    A blog is a person thoughts, experiences and opinion are recorded and put up on the Internet so that people can read. A blogger is the person that writes content for a blog. A blog should not be confused with a website as a blog is updated frequently and allows readers to read, share and give their opinions.

    Types of blogs.

    There are two types of blogs a person can set out:

    • Personal blog- it is where a person talks about their life: it’s experience, advice and generally their outlook on various things and topics concerning them and others.
    • Corporate blog- this is used by marketing companies to help promote their business and business products.

    Since it is hard and can be overwhelming to come up with new content or increase audiences, bloggers have turned to guest blogging. Guest blogging is when a blogger writes and publishes content to a blog in the same industry as theirs. Guest blogging is a two-way street as you can feature a bloggers post in your blog.

    Guest blogging tips for bloggers who are starting out.

    Guest blogging can be difficult to do if you are still new as most blogs will not be convinced to let you to guest blog on their sites. The best steps for you to be able to guest blogging is to:

    • Choose your niche (what content to write.) or industry (either to start a personal or corporate blog.)
    • No one wants to read poor content or something that does not make sense. It is important to know your content and ensure it is high quality.
    • Good reputation. It is important to choose a blog with good reputation due to recent spams on the Internet.
    • Find similar blogs. This can be achieved by using guest blogging sites as they give you options to search for a site in your industry that wants a guest post.

    Guest blogging sites.

    Due to the rise and development of guest blogging and some quality guest blogging sites, there have been spams. A spam is an irrelevant article that is posted to the Internet. Usually it is poor quality articles or people who ignore the guidelines they should follow to write a guest blog. It reduces quality work for any site and can make a blog be spammed. It is very important to have quality content as when a blogger sees that your content is a spam, they let you know so that you can change or they send your work to the guest blogging sites. The site’s then either penalize or decide not to allow you to post or publish any content in their sites.

    Before consider writing guest blogs be sure that your content is of high quality and follow guidelines sent to you. This is to ensure you do not get spammed as it will be extremely hard to write anything and post it in the Internet as sites like google ban you from doing so. The only way you can write after getting a spam is to start another blog but you can continue writing which will be difficult as any other writer that allows you to guest blog on their sites increases the chance for their site to be spammed.

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  • Guest Blogs You Must Know

    Education Guest Blogs You Must Know

    Education is the best way to improve one’s mind and knowledge about everything. There are several education guest blogs where you can post education relate post to these sites. They’re referred and viewed by various students across the globe. There are such blogs where you can post education related thoughts and ideology and post them on the sites.

    Before anyone should consider guest blogging they have to research on which industry or niches to write. In this article I will major on those who content is education and how to search for education guest blogging sites. It is used by those who are students (either learning or recently graduated), those with teaching experience and those with experience on certain matters example a doctor or lawyer.

    It is mainly used to connect with teachers, students or any professional in the education industry.  One way to find these sites is:

    • The best method to search for such sites is by searching on Google. You will be able to connect to likeminded people who post similar kind of posts on other sites. Contacting them will help you post your work on several sites as well.
    • Social media is one of the best place to take your blog or content to different people. Your content will get more views if you share it though social media sites.

    These are some quality guest blogging sites that allow for education guest blogging. You can communicate to them or contact them by writing an email.

    • Teach allows for positive and actionable content. Do research on them first to make sure your guest post is what they would post.
    • They have a guideline you have to follow when contacting them. You have to read other post and check their editorial calendar. When submitting the proposed guest blogging they have to accompany it with an 80 word essay on your role in education with maximum of five back links to precious articles you have written.
    • Getting smart. The articles should stimulate and inspire learning enabling students to make a discussion on the contents.
    • The Guardian. If you want to guest post for this site you will pitch your idea and they will get back to you. It is advised that you get to look and know which guest post do well in this site.

    This is one simple method where you can find people of your similar thinking and thoughts. One of the main advantages of guest posting is it helps in all ways to both eds. The writers get monetary benefit and publicity while the or site owner gets more viewers to their site and with such high publicity blog you can make money.

    Do not spam the blog with unwanted to unrelated blogs which are not to be posted on the site. Such blogs will be removed from the site or will be marked as spam. Since we know it takes time to research and write a good blog, you must use your time effectively and in the right manner.