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10 Top Tips for Making Wedding Invitations

Similarly during your engagement preparation, where you need to send out cards to all the people close to you to be part of your important day, you searched for ideas and it is here you can get engagement party invitations. But if it is your first time creating invitations specifically for weddings, follow these handy tips to make your life easier. Your cards provide your guests with an initial snapshot of what to expect on the big day, so it’s important to make your first impression count!


Identify your style

The design of your wedding invitations will provide your guests with information on how formal your marital ceremony will be, and what theme to expect. It is important to have a sense of what kind of event you’ll be hosting – is it formal and elegant, or laidback and beachy? Once you have figured this out it’ll be easy to select a card style that matches the event. Try looking online for some inspiration!


Colour coordinate

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Incorporating your ceremony’s colours and tones as well as a motif in your wedding invitations is a great way to create a stylish and cohesive overall appearance. Consider livening things up with a metallic typeface – just make sure it’s readable.


Be text-savvy

Given that the text is the most important part of your cards, it’s essential that it’s legible! Make sure you choose typefaces that are easy to read (if you’re using calligraphy, save it for the names rather than the date and location). Colours are also important – light ink placed on a white background will be hard to read, as will dark ink on a black background. Ensure the colours contrast well.


Keep it simple, silly!

Avoid overcrowding your wedding invitations as this can make it difficult to read and it won’t look as nice. Include only the essentials – names, dates, location, dress code and RSVP details. You can save directions to the venue for later.


Give yourself time

Ensure that you order your cards far in advance in case your supplier takes longer than usual to deliver them to you. This gives you plenty of time to write and mail them out. It is a good idea to order them 4-5 months in advance and send them out 8-10 weeks before the big day. This gives your guests plenty of time to prepare. Setting the RSVP date for 3-4 weeks after your guests receive the wedding invitations is a good idea as it helps stop them from forgetting.


Triple-check your cards

The person creating your cards (unless you’re DIY-ing it) should send you a proof in either hard copy or digital form before printing them. This allows you to check it to make sure you like it and to ensure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes – you’d be surprised how easy it is to miss little details! Check for things like time and date especially, and have a few others read over it too.  Don’t just ask your mum or your partner.


Print all your stationary at once

It is a good idea to print your thank-you notes, tags, menus and save-the-date cards along with your wedding invitations so that you get a similar, cohesive design. Printing it all in the one order can help you save money and time, too.


Don’t forget stamps

In an era where emails are king, it can be all too easy to forget to add an extra stamped and addressed envelope along with your wedding invitations. Ensure you do this so that your guests don’t have to pay for their postage – it just makes life easier for them. The return envelopes should ideally be addressed to the host of the marital ceremony (i.e. your parents), but if you want to keep track of your guests, feel free to use your address instead.


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