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3 Benefits Of Seeing An After Hours Doctor

Everyone gets sick now and then and in order for us to maintain optimal health we need to visit a professional medical practitioner who will diagnose and treat our issue. However, medical professionals are often in high demand and work irregular hours, making it a hassle to see one – especially if you’re suffering and need relief.

Luckily, there are some practitioners from Instant Consult who choose to offer their services outside regular business times – they are known as after hours doctors. There are several distinct benefits to seeing an after hours doctor when compared with a traditional practitioner and the following will look at some of said benefits.


1.      See them at a more convenient time for you

The most obvious and attractive benefit of an after hours doctor is that they can see you outside of regular business times. This is really convenient if you are someone who works irregular times or overnight and needs to sleep during the day.

Also, if you can’t see a GP during the normal daytime window then having access to someone who operates late at night can be really helpful. It means you won’t have to take time off work or an extended lunch break just to see a medical practitioner.


2.      Don’t have to leave the home


Another great benefit of an after hours doctor is that most of them will operate via video-chat systems akin to Skype or Facebook Video Call that allow you to have a consultation without even needing to leave your bed! This is obviously really great if you have a disability or are too ill to leave your bed in the morning.

Doing this allows you to have a prescription for the medication you need send directly to a pharmacy of your choice, so you can go pick it up at your convenience. This gives people a whole lot more freedom in how they deal with being ill, especially when they need to take the day off work.


3.      No more waiting rooms or embarrassing confrontations

Seeing an after-hours doctor via video chat means you won’t ever have to endure the painful ordeal of sitting in a clinic’s reception room reading old magazine or watching insanity-inducing healthcare-based television programming. No more will you need to sit in a small room with other sick people waiting for your name to be called by a practitioner who is almost always delayed in seeing you.

Another reassuring element of seeing an after hours doctor via video chat is that the indirect nature of the consultation means people are more willing to talk about health issues they are embarrassed about. Such issues range from unsightly bumps and rashes to problems like erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted infection.

For many people being able to have their issue taken care of in a more discreet and less confrontational way via video chat makes this kind of service really valuable to them. In terms of public health outcomes, it’s a major benefit that people who would previously leave issues untreated for fear of embarrassment are now getting them taken care of more discreetly.

As you can plainly see, there’s no shortage of great reasons as to why demand for after hours doctors has increased in recent years. In an increasingly fast-paced world, health consumers are looking for options that allow them to bypass the historically cumbersome bureaucracy of healthcare centres and get a more direct and more convenient service.


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