6 Tips to embrace by an SEO expert to optimize the website

Want to rank your website on the first page of Google results or other renowned search engines? Then, you need to follow SEO strategies. If you are unaware of SEO, you need to hire experts to get this work done for you. The SEO people will keep a close eye on the changing Google algorithms and implement the same on your site to retain the site ranking forever besides helping you stay ahead of the competitors’ website.

Here are a few tips that are embraced by the SEO experts to optimize the website

  • Add page titles and description: This is one of the Google ranking factors that are checked by Google to rank a website. Every page on the website should have a unique page title that will convey about the content on the page. You need to write a concise description about the page to let the search engine understand about the page while crawling. Moreover, this page title will also let the users to understand what the page is about before clicking on it. The user who is looking for the same content will click on the page and go through the content. The description of the page should not go beyond 150 characters. You should not cram the description with too many keywords rather use primary keyword.
  • Permanent link structure: This link structure defines the format of the page URL. You can see what the page about in the address bar of the browser. You need to prepare URLs that are easy for both search engines and users to understand. You need to separate each world by hyphen. You should not stuff keywords in the URL rather use primary or secondary keyword that conveys about the page.
  • Breadcrumb: You need to insert breadcrumb on the internal web pages to let the user know where they are navigating through.
  • Internal links: You need to insert hyperlinks to the keywords clicking on which the user is directed to another internal page. This lets the user to completely explore about your business and also let the search engines to crawl throughout your website every time when it sniffs a new piece of content on your site.
  • Use Header tags (H1, H2 and H3): You need to do proper formatting of the content prior to publishing it on the website. You need to give Heading 1 to the title of the page and give Heading 2 to the main headings of your blog or website post. You can use the headings by applying bold or italics to pull the eyes of the audience towards the content. You need to keep the font and font size that do not strain the eyes of the audience to read the post.
  • Page speed: Page speed is a ranking factor which many web masters ignore. The website that has less page loading time will have fewer bounce rates over the sites that have high page loading time. When the page loads in a jiffy, it lets the audience to read what they are looking for in the page. Ideally, the webpage should load within 4 seconds to improve user experience and get more visits for each page on your website.

Summary: When you hire experts, these people will dedicatedly work to improve the site ranking while helping you get a sea of traffic to the site and thereby sales. These people only use white hat techniques to optimize the website.

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