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Clear Boundaries That Criminal Lawyers in Campbelltown Cannot Cross

Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown are valuable community assets who work to keep citizens out of jail and ensure that justice is upheld.

This is a field with an incredible diversity of experience and expertise, arriving from all corners of South-West Sydney and beyond.

Whilst this pool of professionals from Gryphon Lawyers and other firms bring unique skill sets to the table for their client, they must each adhere to strict laws that confine their role within the justice system.

That will present a series of boundaries, and the potential of crossing them will result in dire consequences for all concerned.


Committing Crimes Themselves

There is no instance whereby it is okay for criminal lawyers in Campbelltown to commit crimes, either on the behalf of the client or for their own direct benefit. From blackmail and bank or tax fraud to colluding with criminal parties, embezzling money, destroying evidence or committing assault, these are instances whereby the solicitor is aiding and abetting.


Misleading a Judge or Jury

Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown who knowingly mislead a judge or jury are crossing a legal boundary that there is no coming back from. They are able to protect themselves to a degree by not asking their client whether or not they have committed a crime and limit their discussions to elements of the case where they are free to press on a subject that warrants additional scrutiny. Should they be privy to evidence that is withheld or there is a line of argument made that is knowingly false, that is crossing a very definitive legal line.


Misappropriating Client Funds

Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown have to ensure that every dollar that is billed to the client is accounted for with appropriate professional reasoning. This can include travel costs, research endeavours, speaking with witnesses and advocates to the creation of court motions and filings. Should that investment be spent outside of those realms, that is when a solicitor is engaging in unlawful conduct and is crossing a boundary where stiff penalties will ensue.


Secret Hidden Negotiations With Opposite Counsel


Discussions can be held in private between criminal lawyers in Campbelltown who are working for the defence and those seeking a prosecution. However, if talks are held without the knowledge or blessing of the individual in question with the potential to strike a plea agreement outside of the initial charge and response, that is a line that clearly cannot be crossed. The solicitor’s sole responsibility is to act as independent counsel for the citizen who has hired their services and to act in accordance with their wishes. From the plea that is lodged to potential motions that are filed, they are not in a position to ‘go rogue’ in a manner of speaking and venture outside of those demands. Even if those actions happen to be counterproductive to an ideal outcome, they can only strongly advise on what constitutes the best course of action.


Working Under a Conflict of Interest

Criminal lawyers in Campbelltown who find themselves working under a conflict of interest are obliged to flag that fact to the appropriate bodies and make plans to step down from their position. Should this conflict be deemed unwarranted then they could be in a position to continue, but examples where a solicitor is engaged in a sexual relationship with a client, has prior financial dealings, or is otherwise emotionally or financially invested in the outcome of a case, they will be operating beyond a boundary that is acceptable within the legal community.



Experienced and professional criminal lawyers in Campbelltown already have a high bar to reach just in order to obtain their operating license. That is before they actually gain any sort of notoriety or recognition by the Campbelltown community or legal peers. The client will have a duty in identifying any potential boundaries that are crossed, but these are examples that should be flagged internally and acted upon immediately. Working beyond these laws and behaviours is grounds for dismissal and potential imprisonment.


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