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Features You Need In Your Non Profit Organization Software

Running a charity is hard but rewarding work and a lot of the things that many achieve, could not be done without quality non profit organization software. That’s why today we’re highlighting some of the key features that you need in your non profit organization software if you want to reach your goals and help your cause as much as possible. 

Budget Tracking

Keeping on top of finances is vital if you want to have an impact so the first key feature on our list of things you need in your non profit organization software is budget tracking. When you’ve juggling multiple tasks at once it can be easy to miss things but when it comes to funds, this can cause significant issues. Having a simple way to manage your budget helps prevent problems from arising and is an absolute must. 

Communications Capabilities

The next feature you’re going to want in your non profit organization software is the ability to communicate with other staff members natively. Emails are messy and things can get lost or parked and forgotten about. With native communication, however, such as a comment field on a particular document, everything is stored alongside the relevant topics and reminders can be easily sent if things aren’t actioned. Bonus points here are if files can be linked together or attached to comments as this allows you to build out the ecosystem surrounding a particular task all without leaving the platform. This is great for improving efficiency and can also help reduce the chance of erros occurring. 

Donation Processing

Third party donation processing apps can be limiting and they often charge fees. While this can be a good way to get started, as your charity grows, you’re going to want processing abilities natively within your non profit organization software. Not only will this allow you to personalise the payment portal, but it will also mean that your charity will get a larger percentage of donations made and allows you to set up subscription options and other payment methods that suit your needs perfectly as they’re tailored for you specifically. 

Data Tracking And Reporting 

You’ll also want the ability to stay on top of data tracking and reporting within your non profit organization software. Transparency is important when you’re dealing with donated funds so being able to easily show people where their money is going helps to build trust and increases your chances of acquiring new donors as well as getting previous donors to repeat their contributions. Easily tracking data is also important on an internal level as it will allow you to optimise where funds are spent and be sure that you’re making the maximum impact possible.

Marketing Support

Finally, even charities need to market themselves, so having marketing support built into your non profit organization software is crucial to the success of your charity. Not only will it allow you to respond quickly to trends, create custom collateral and reach more potential donors, but it will also help save precious funds as third-party marketing platforms can get very expensive, very quickly. You’ll also find that having personalised marketing support within your non profit organization software will help you better connect with your community as data will be easily accessible allowing you to tailor communications to suit each group of donors that you interact with.

So, now that you know what features you simply must have in your non profit organization software, it’s time to find the right solution for your charity – good luck, we hope you find the perfect platform and create the change you want to see.

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