Getting SEO Keywords to work for you

In order to get noticed in the digital words, there are several marketing strategies that are followed. These strategies relate to organic searches, social media as well as PPC which stands for Pay per click or which is also referred to as adwords.

The heart of SEO are the keywords used. These are phrases and words which when used allow the search engines to find the website. When the site is optimized, the potential base of visitors is increased. Therefore, the most important part of digital marketing for Search Engine Optimization is finding out a list of keywords.

How do you find the best Keywords

The best keywords are found by doing extensive research multiple times.

The keyword list needs to be constantly updated and expanded

The keywords that are very popular should not be targeted as there is a lot of competition for them. Instead these should be changed with phrases that are more specific and longer. This will get the right target audience to the site.

When it comes to keywords diversity is needed. There should be different and new tools for searching keywords, this should also be further strengthened by more research based on experiments conducted.

There should also be actionable, structured data which is ready to use for campaigns. This helps you to get niches which can be targeted.

The keywords should be broken up into related keyword groups and this allows you to create and target specific pages. This requires a lot of effort and time if it is manually done and therefore, it needs to be accomplished using tools specifically designed for the purpose.

How do you assess the value of the keyword

In order to assess the value of the keyword in relevance to your website, you need to evaluate as to whether the searchers will find what they are searching for when they go to your site. If they will not, then it will result in traffic however it will not materialize into financial rewards for you.

You also need to see which websites are already ranked for the keywords which you intend for your site. This will show you who your competition is and how easy or difficult it will be to rank your site in the long run or for the time period you have allocated for yourself. You also need to see how many advertisements or PPC are running both at the top and at the right side of the results pages.

In order to assess how valuable the word is you should buy the keyword  from either Bing AdCenter or from Google Adwords. This will help you to test how well the word is generating traffic and conversions. The rate of conversions should be ideally rated over atleast 200-300 clicks.

Based on the data which is collected, the value of each of the keywords can be then determined. This can then be used as the base for your campaign.

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