How do you create a marketing plan for social media

There are different methods used to get noticed in the digital media space.  The reasons for wanting to get noticed not only convert to more footfall but to increased potential customers and increased sales.

The different methods used in creation of marketing plans for the digital space are: SEO, adwords which are known as PPC and also social media marketing.

In order to create a social media marketing plan here are the steps: First of all you need to know that every reply, like or post should be not a random act but a part of a plan which has the business goal in mind. Therefore, before starting on the marketing plan – an example is boyeatsworld you need to know what your goals are, where the accounts are today, where you want them to be in the future and what tools you have as well as what you will need to make this social media marketing plan a success.

The goals of this strategy should be such that you get a good return on your investment. You need to see what are the metrics that you will use in order to measure if this strategy is successful or not. For that you will need to focus on conversion rate, referrals, generation of leads and more.

The goals should be smart which means that they should be specific and measurable, Attainable as well as relevant and they should be timebound.

You should then perform an audit to see how your current media is performing, who is your audience, are they your target audience and how comparable are you with your competitors.

Next you should optimize your profile so that it is more SEO friendly. You should cross promote on different accounts and optimize the network which your account is on, by filling in the profile, images as well as text.

You need to then check as to what gives the most engagement. It could be done by checking other sites on the same platform. You can also see how you can portray yourself different to the others that are competing in your space. You can also rephrase the messages or change the content. You need to learn the likes, dislikes as well as habits of your target audience. That will help you connect better with them.

You also need a content calendar which will list not only what kind of content has to be posted or promoted but also how often will the posting be done, who will create as well as how will it be promoted.

Finally you would need to test your strategy, evaluate it, tweak it and adjust it so it meets with the objectives and goals that you have set out. One way is by asking for feedback, reading the comments and even in finding out from your off;line customers whether this had any part to play in the purchases they made. The online customers too should be asked similar questions. This is how you would go about creating a strategy.

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