How Facebook messenger can be used more effectively

There are several ways in which marketing is done in the digital world. The most common methods are SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. In addition to it however, there are other means that help with marketing in the digital world. There are PPC which stands for pay per click or using of adwords.  These types help to attract people who search the web to be directed to your website.

In addition to those that go on organic search engines in order to find your website, there is another way of pushing people to the website and increasing footfall and that is by making good use of social media marketing.

One of the social media sites is facebook messenger. Infact there are around 1.3 billion people who use this monthly. This therefore is a very powerful tool in order to advertise your product and increase the sales or conversion rates. The ways of using this site as a marketing tool is by sending out posts of blogs through messenger and then both engaging with as well as helping the customers on the platform as well.

In order to create a strategy from the start, here is how you will go about it.

  1. Instead of emailing your content to the readers, you can ask them if they would prefer to get it using facebook messenger. In order to use this more effectively you can make use of a chatbot newsletter.
  2. You can also help those that are your followers with finding the content which is most relevant to them or their search. This again uses chatbots and the users are guided to find those articles which are most interesting to them or which they would like to read. Something to be cognizant of is that the chatbot should be geared to helping the customers and not focus primarily on selling. Your site should also be mobile responsive and you should also inform your customers how they will be able to contact you. You can also include use of browsing menus.
  3. You should encourage and engage the participants like sending out reminders which have links and this can be then added to their calendar apps. The day’s talks can be updated and the link can be sent to them and then post the event you could ask for feedback.
  4. Using Facebook messenger you can even get good quality leads for sale. There are chatbots which can be used which ask questions. The customers can also have the option of speaking to a real person if they so want to.
  5. When you do have customers and potential customers, you should re-engage with them so as to spark their interest again. You can do it using sponsored messages or you can have click to the messenger ads which are there.

One golden rule for this is that you need to provide timely support to your customers. If the reply is not speedy enough, customers will choose the competitors.

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