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How to Make New Friends in Sydney: 6 Ways to Address The Challenge

There is no magic remedy that will allow people to easily make new friends in Sydney on day one.

This is an organic exercise that will require some trial and error, removing those who do not quite offer quality connection and others that take time to prosper.

To address this challenge directly, we will look at 6 key methods that helps to achieve results.

1) Being “Out There”

“Just get out there!” they say. To make new friends in Sydney, it really does start with a piece of advice so simple and obvious that it should be reinforced for those that want assistance. From heading out for drinks with work colleagues to heading out for a dip at the beach or pool to venturing to a movie theater or attending a sports fixture, there are few places in the world where all of these options are possible for 365 days a year. It becomes a greater challenge for people in suburban and rural regions where these amenities are not available.

2) Shared Interests

Connecting with people across Sydney becomes easier when there are shared interests to talk about. In a dense city populous, it is easy to see how these communities begin to intersect with one and other. From the corporate workers in the CBD to the gym junkies in the Eastern Suburbs to the sports lovers of the West, the beach lifestyle of the Northern Beaches and the artistic revolutionaries spanning the Inner West, this is a dynamic landscape that can cater to anyone’s passions.

3) Connecting With Online Communities

person trying to make new friends in Sydney through using the internet

There are less excuses in play to easily make new friends in Sydney in 2020 than it was 20, 30 or 40 years prior. Thanks to the online world, participants can engage with chat groups and communities in a social media space. Although this should not be considered a one-stop-shop that replaces real world connections, it is a way to break down barriers and actually research where like-minded groups exist. From hangouts at bars and clubs to parks and other social locations, making that online contact can be the first port of call for a lasting relationship.

4) Removing Fear & Doubt From The Equation

As easy as it is to assess flaws with other people, the desire to make new friends in Sydney can only be achieved when personal insecurities are removed from the equation. This could require professional intervention through therapy, but it has to initially be recognised as a problem for those that feel uncomfortable in social settings. Taking those doubts out of the process will be healthy for personal growth and encourage more partnerships to be fostered.

5) Being Modest With Expectations

Movies and television shows makes it feel so easy, doesn’t it? To make new friends in Sydney, it is just a case of bumping into someone accidentally on the train or in a store and there you have your friendship. Unfortunately, that presentation does not compute with reality. People have to be patient in this regard, giving them time to learn about others and make the effort to attend engagements over weeks and months. Once that process has been allowed to naturally play out, then the target to make new friends in Sydney can begin to be realised.

6) Staying True to Key Values

In order to make new friends in Sydney, many people will state the line: ‘just be yourself.’ This is 100% accurate, but it will often overlook the conscious and unconscious efforts we undertake in order to make a positive first impression. In small doses and in some exceptions like clothing style and other artificial alterations, this is acceptable. Key values will be assessed with how they like to treat people, what they like to do and what they want out of their friendship. If those elements stay consistent, then the exercise will be easier.

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