How to make your workplace more productive

Plenty of business leaders all face the same problem eventually; how do you improve the productivity of your workplace? While the specific actions you take will be different from industry to industry, there are some general rules for keeping people alert, motivated and working optimally.

Let’s take a look at some ways to make your workplace more productive.

Maintain a comfortable workplace

Hundreds of studies have proven that worker productivity is directly tied to their level of comfort in the workplace. This means everything from the chair they sit in to the temperature of the room have subtle effects on how well they do their jobs.

If the workplace is too hot or too cold then you need to invest in a thermostat or some other system to better control the temperature. Office workers should have ergonomically sound chairs and be taught proper posture so that they don’t strain their necks or backs while working.

A comfortable workplace is the responsibility of leaders and junior employees as well.

Delegate responsibility clearly

One of the biggest factors in poor productivity is because there is a poor workflow or chain of command. Employees need to be clear on who they report to, what they are doing and who (if anyone) reports to them.

When different teams are confused on who is supervising them, what is expected or what they need to change then a great deal of time is wasted just trying to communicate instructions. Your business workflow should be easy for even the newest employees to grasp so that everyone is always on the same page.

Encourage people to perform

Workers need positive feedback and encouragement to carry on at optimal levels, especially if they haven’t had an opportunity to advance their careers via promotion. While most workers won’t ask for positive feedback directly, they are subconsciously expecting it when they take initiative or go above and beyond expectations.

Productive behaviour needs to be rewarded in order to encourage others to step up their game. While you don’t need to create a juvenile star chart, you can easily track and reward the work of employees in many ways that don’t seem forced or cheesy.

Acts as simple as buying a drink for an employee who did good work that week or offering a coupon to the most productive person goes a long way in promoting positive work habits in your employees.

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