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Major Enticements For Buying a Solar Hot Water Cylinder

Domestic homeowners could feel a sense of pressure or obligation to opt for a solar hot water cylinder over their gas and electric counterparts.

Although that is where the modern trend is heading, there is no such expectation that families will venture in that direction.

It is important to note why the industry has experienced such a heavy switch in households making this transition, pointing to a number of obvious selling points that makes the exercise worthwhile.

Here we will discuss what the major enticements are for buying The Cylinder Guy solar hot water cylinder over competing models.


Energy Independence: Getting Off The Public Supply

With many homeowners reliant on mains pressure models that are connected to public supplies, a solar hot water cylinder is energy independent. Each panel is a product that is owned by the consumer and they can leverage their roof’s exposure to the sun. It is a simplified model that increases the degree of independence with a quality and reliable access to hot water at the discretion of homeowners all over the country.


Lower Operating Costs

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Once the panels have been installed for a solar hot water cylinder to work its magic, the quarterly bill be tangibly lower than their natural gas and electrical counterparts. By sitting on the roof and absorbing the UV rays, these innovative pieces of technology do not need to run at high volume to receive, store and generate that energy for the household. It is a proven process that minimizes the financial impact for families.


Subsidies and Offsets

Arguably the greatest concern that consumers have when looking at the merits of a solar hot water cylinder is paying a higher yield upfront for the investment. The good news is that this payment can be supported by key government subsidies that lowers this immediate budgetary pressure. Given the need to alleviate use from public energy sources, the federal government is continuing to offer local constituents financial incentives to make that transition. Then there are other means of lowering the operating costs, allowing some users to purchase extra energy that has to be stored by their own supply. That is a type of program that other models simply cannot compete with.


Helping The Environment

Sourcing natural gas and supplying electricity are two processes that place a greater strain on the environment when compared to solar products. Investing in a solar hot water cylinder is simply a matter of installing panels and leveraging additional outlets that maximises the value of the item. Once exposed to the sun, that energy is stored and repurposed to create the hot water effect. Gas and electric technologies don’t enjoy that same level of sustainability to feature a far higher carbon footprint. Those consumers who are conscious about their own footprint and instigating behaviours that improve the environment would be best served investing in these brands instead.


Historical Precedent

There is one common misconception that shoppers have over the domain of a solar hot water cylinder, often operating under the belief that the technology is the newest and less advanced system on the market. The truth of the matter is we have been blessed with using this form of energy longer than electricity. Whilst natural gas has been utilised as far back as the early 1600s, it would be French scientist Edmond Becquerel who discovered photovoltaic (solar) energy as far back as 1839. Further innovations would take place with the aid of the brilliant Albert Einstein among others. Thomas Edison would not be able to create the light bulb with the aid of electricity until the year 1879. That is no less than 40 years difference and although it is centuries ago, it is important to note that modern day consumers are not being exposed to technology that is untested or even new to the marketplace.


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