Purpose of Social Media and how it can benefit your business

Business promotions are no longer effective when it is campaigned through newspapers or television channels. People don’t follow newspapers for campaigns or offers and similarly most people skip ads when promoted through TV because the customer has started moving to the cyber world. When it comes to social media like Twitter or Facebook, people keep visiting many times a day. They are one of the fast growing, making a revolution in the digital world.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is an online communication channel for interaction between family, friends and associates by sharing information. One of the obvious example of social media is face book a fast growing segment comprising of million and billions of followers posting pictures and videos and updating information to keep in touch with their closed ones.

Internet has brought over 40 million people online and major population of people worldwide have started using social networking to communicate to each other and majority of people believe customer feedbacks and suggestions when it comes to shopping. They find their opinion much powerful in making decisions. Hence social media marketing is a dynamic weapon benefitting the business promotions

Social Media Marketing for Business Benefits

Social media is a cost-effective process and has an open option to communicate to clients and business associates without third-party interference.

  • Social media serves as a platform to drive traffic by indexing, local giants to small locally owned business with the help of search engine optimization because search engines know which pages are earning consistent traffic. By ranking your site higher in search results, you can increase your brand awareness  and gain customer royalty
  • Advertising through social networking sites reaches people more comprehensively, faster and stretch an extra mile than the traditional medium of approach. Besides they are less expensive and trim down pressure on funding used in marketing.
  • Social media provides you perceptions about the customers’ opinions about the product. Because with the traditional media, the retailer focus more on what is important about the product rather how the customer will be beneficial with the product. However with social media you can engage the target audience and gain insight about the product which is apparently more interactive.

What is RSS feed, how it is used and why it is important in social media?

RSS is considered as a secret tool in social media monitoring. It is a process of retaining favourite blogs, pages and getting consistent updates about them and you can boost your social media with RSS feed. Thereby, you can watch out what your competitors are up to, after the changes, filtering the more specific information and keeping track of the leads.

Summing it up

Social Media is the huge revolution in the marketing for many small and large-scale industries. Virtual marketing uses system like SEO, link building as marketing strategies. Targeting the audience worldwide can promote awareness about the brands and products thereby increasing the sales by a larger margin. Customer opinion is an important aspect for any business and this can be achieved mainly through social media.


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