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Questions To Ask Timber Floor Installers in Sydney

If you’ve recently purchased new flooring for your home on the fabulous East Coast (or are considering making a purchase), your next call will most likely be to timber floor installers in Sydney. After all, they’re no good to you simply sitting around in their boxes. But what exactly should you ask prospective trades when you’re looking to get things set up? Well, it pays to start with the below list of questions to ask timber floor installers in Sydney:

How Many Hardwood Planks Do I Need?

The first thing you’ll want to ask prospective timber floor installers in Sydney is how many hardwood planks you’ll actually need in order for them to do their job. Your minimum will obviously be enough to cover the surface area of your room but depending on how things will be laid, you may need to purchase extra to ensure you’ve got enough for everything to flow nicely. 

What Is Your Pricing Like?

The next thing you’ll want to think about is their pricing. While many timber floor installers in Sydney will charge about the same rate since they’re doing the same job, there will be differences in what is included in their rate. For example, some may offer full service including the installation of underlay and sealing of your floors while others may only include actually laying the boards. 

What Type Of Time Frame Are We Looking At?

Getting things done on schedule is important when you’re renovating so it’s always a good idea to ask any timber floor installers in Sydney that you’re considering working with what their time frame looks like. Their availability won’t necessarily line up with yours and this could impact on other areas of operation so you need to consider this at the planning stage. 

Do You Seal The Floors?

timber floor installers in Sydney

As noted above, not all timber floor installers in Sydney will seal your new flooring once it is laid. While most will include staining the wood within their quote, sealing is sometimes a separate process depending on the level of protection that you expect so it’s vital that you’re clear on what you’re actually getting for your money. This is particularly important if you’re requesting that your chosen timber floor installers in Sydney place your new additions in an area where they may often get wet as the added barrier for the moisture is crucial to prevent issues from arising. 

Do You Offer A Warranty Or Guarantee On Your Work?

Finally, you’ll want to ask any timber floor installers in Sydney that you’re considering working with whether they offer a warranty or guarantee on their work. This is important in protecting you against any errors that may be made as even the smallest mistake could lead to your new flooring not functioning correctly. While no timber floor installers in Sydney will offer warranty on the product that they’re laying (unless it’s their own) guaranteeing their work is something that they should happily offer up if requested. Once you’ve worked out how long the warranty period is, be sure to check what areas of their workmanship are actually covered, as some will only guarantee certain aspects. 

Now that you know what questions you should be asking before committing to a service, you should find it easier to select a team of tradespeople who are right for you. As a final note, we’d like to point out that if you’re doing your entire house, it’s important that you remember to ensure that you get along with your chosen team. This is because they’ll probably be around for a while and although it isn’t necessary, it will make the process a lot smoother. Now, go select your preferred timber floor installers in Sydney.

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