Search Engine Optimization implementation you should avoid

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be undermined. If a website is known to have a higher search volume over others, the task at play is how well the website has been optimized.

Different approaches are taken by webmasters to implement SEO for their websites and that of clients. While many are abreast with Google’s algorithm updates and changes on optimization practices, many others are left in the dark on the new rules that apply.

Here are some SEO implementations that may rather hurt the performance of your website.

  1. Exact match Keyword domain name

Having the exact match keyword domain name was in the past considered as an optimization technique for search engines. This does not apply anymore. If you are not prepared to have sufficient information on an exact match keyword domain, it is better not to hold such because Google can mark your website down for this.

Websites with scanty information on a subject matter and ranking higher than others with useful information all because of the exact keyword domain name are now a thing of the past. The saving grace such websites have today is to have quality and informative content on such domains to escape Google’s wrath.

  1. Link Exchange is dead and harmful today

Links are evidence that a website has a wide reach of audience. A website with many websites linking back to it tells how popular the site is and Google rewards the site in ranking when search terms are surfed for. Many webmasters embarked on collaborative link exchange programs to beat the system in the past. Google frowns at this and if you embark on this now and are detected by Google’s bots, be sure your site is in for it. Avoid this if you want to remain competitive.

  1. Submission of site to search engines

Many are still cut in the web of so-called search engine optimization experts who want to sell packages such as this to web owners. It no longer holds any water. You don’t need to submit your site to Google anymore. The page indexing rules of Google are much more technical than what it used to be. Preferably, Google uses links from authority websites to evaluate the importance of your website. Social media channels like Facebook are a strong force today than ever before for getting into Google’s good books. Focus on quality content and people will link natural back to your website from other sources.

  1. Heavy keyword stuffing will only drag your site down SERPs

Keyword density is not a new issue to web owners. Though keyword density requirement is not explicitly stated in percentage by Google, you will get burnt trying to stuff your website with too many keywords. This was the practice in the past as well where too many similar words are stuffed to deceive the search engines. But not anymore, Google is wiser and will bring down the hammer on any websites that does this. There are web pages that rank better than those with particular keywords today in some cases.


Website optimization is not a static thing as search engines are equally dynamic and getting more advanced. Following the rules accordingly is the only way to go for a good site rank. Avoid the negatives.


What optimization methods are you still engage in. find out those you think are good but don’t count anymore in today’s SEO practices.

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