Should you consider a career in marketing?

From the outside looking in, marketing can seem like a highly dynamic profession that places high value on creative problem solving. While this is most certainly true, like any other profession, there is a great deal of mundane work that separates your moments of creative brilliance.

Above all, those who are considering a career in marketing should be prepared to apply their creative talents in a commercial context where their achievements will often be financially measurable.  The objective of marketing, like all business functions, serves the customer journey to buying a product or service.

Let’s take a look the kind of traits that will help you in a marketing career and whether or not it’s for you.

Are you a people person?

While you don’t need to be the most popular person in your neighbourhood, it helps marketers if they are already good communicators who interact easily with others. While being friendly and cooperative is one thing, being a natural leader and someone who people turn to for advice are great treats for marketers.

Being a ‘people problem solver’ means that you understand, at least in a rudimentary way, how to read emotions and gauge people’s most sincere feelings.  This means you can look at a social situation from the outside and make objective determinations based on deductive reasoning.

This helps you as a marketer because the core principle behind all advertising is delivering a solution that matches the deep down needs and wants of the audience. For example, if you can describe the most basic desires that drive people to buy really expensive sports shoes, then you understand how to break down lawyers of context to find out their true feelings.

The answer is that people by premium sports shoes and workout brands because they desire an active lifestyle and the marketing of those products is suggesting that new clothes will equal a new lifestyle. As a marketer, you will realise that “buying lifestyles” is one of the primary driving forces behind a great deal of contemporary brands.

Are you good with language?

The next most important trait of marketers is that they have good English skills. This means they know how to write quality copy that is persuasive and engaging for the audience.

Learning how to write in this way takes practise, but ideally a marketer should not be staring at a word document struggling to come up with some persuasive writing. It should come naturally to write/speak persuasively about a product or service.

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