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What Is A Holistic Therapist And How An Online Therapy Program Helps?

Are you wondering what a holistic therapist does? This school of thought basically relates to the idea of treating the ‘whole person’ when someone has fallen ill, rather than simply addressing isolated symptoms. It basically involves addressing people in their entirety which means mental health, physical health and mindfulness are addressed.

How does it work?

A trusted holistic therapist basically makes the assumption that someone’s perception of themselves cannot be pinpointed to one particular part of someone’s identity, instead it’s an amalgamation of the physical body, function of the brain, emotions and spirit. They basically aim to help people recognise the connection between these different elements of their identity. The idea is to improve a person’s awareness of themselves. Most of them will look at their patient’s symptoms, like depression, substance abuse or anxiety and help them to become more self-aware. The aim of this online therapy program is to help people to better relax and manage their symptoms, it also aims to help them achieve acceptance of themselves.

Many of providers will use different physical techniques to help people connect better with their body and mind. These techniques may include meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage, reiki and therapeutic touch. The goal behind these techniques is to improve physical and mental health. Whilst a few of these techniques are backed by solid research, some of them don’t have any empirical evidence behind them (like reiki). These techniques are usually thought to be complementary to other psychological and physical interventions. There’s not enough evidence behind them for them to be used by themselves.

How does a holistic therapist approach therapy?

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The general goal of a holistic therapist is to help people to balance the different aspects of their identity to try and address the problems they are facing. Rather than simply treating symptoms with medicine, holistic therapy recognises that there are complex physical and emotional issues that can also arise around illness. If someone was for example suffering from arthritis, a holistic therapist would also address the attitudes and beliefs that a person made hold about the condition. They may also try to address how it can impact on relationships and how it can also affect a person spiritually.

A lot of holistic therapists will choose to take some of the focus away from traditional medical approaches, instead focusing on alternative treatments like acupuncture, massage and other options which often don’t have a lot of empirical evidence behind them. For this reason, the practice can sometimes draw criticism. Despite the occasional bit of criticism many holistic therapists are now highly sought after and holistic approaches in medicine are becoming increasingly accepted. Many doctors now attempt to address a wider berth of issues in their patient rather than simply focusing on the symptoms presented to them.

Benefits of this therapy

People often say that this type of online therapy program is very effective for treating anxiety, depression, trauma and other stress-related problems. It is worth remembering that holistic therapist work a lot more like actual therapists rather than doctors. Most of their treatments are based on bodywork and not all of the techniques are proven.

At the end of the day if you are suffering from a health issue then this type of online therapy program could be very helpful for you, but you should make sure that your healthcare provider has the correct certifications. You should also make sure that you still seek medical treatment from your doctor as it’s not a replacement. Proper healthcare should still be undertaken to ensure that you are treating your symptoms. This type of online therapy program is a complement, not a cure.

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