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Why You Need Timesheet Software For Your Business

Timesheet software, for large businesses, is a necessity to keeping track of your employees and how much they are working. However, when you have your own business, you probably aren’t thinking about how it can help you accomplish something. Using a timesheet software as a small business can improve how you bill your clients, as well as aid you in managing your time in the most efficient way possible.

Timesheet software for businesses with employees is generally used to keep track of when employees clock in and clock out. This will keep track of time and allow your employees to know how many hours they have accrued throughout the pay period, and tell you how much you need to pay your employees. Timesheet software can also be used to keep track of how long you have been working on a project or with a client. If you have multiple clients, keeping a timesheet of when you worked with the client and for how long can help you in the process of billing the client, as well as find projects that you are working too long on and not getting enough done on. Using a timesheet to keep track of your projects, whether personal or business, will give you a more visual representation of what you spend your time on and can help you tremendously with time management.

What program should I get?

Every business has different needs when it comes down to software. Going out and buying the first system that you see likely isn’t that great of an idea. Searching around, looking at the features of each piece of software, and comparing them to your business needs is the best way to go about finding the best timesheet software for you.

If you can’t find a timesheet software that fits your business’s needs, then you might need to hire a third-party programmer to make your own timesheet software. If you don’t have the money to hire a programmer to do that or want to program one for yourself, it is surprisingly easy to do if you already know and understand a programming language.

Alternatives to consider

timesheet software

There are plenty of alternatives to using, and many have stood the test of time.

Pen and Paper

Using pen and paper is probably the oldest form of time tracking that is still used today. Using pen and paper to keep track of time is extremely easy to do, and you can keep track of anything that you want to. The downside of using pen and paper is that it is very easy to lie about, and it takes a lot of time to keep up with it.


Using a spreadsheet to keep track of times you were working is much easier than using pen and paper and can keep track of many employees at once without taking up a lot of physical space. Going back and making changes to the spreadsheet is pretty easy if you need to go back and change something.


If you don’t need to jot downtimes, then just using a regular stopwatch will go a long way with making sure that you don’t spend too much time on one particular time or make sure that you spend enough time doing the task that you set out to do.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you would want to get timesheet software for your business. Finding the most suitable method for you to keep track of time in your business will significantly improve your time management and efficiency in your future projects!

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